Serious Climbing

Although the Vulgarians are perhaps better known for their outrageous behavior and resistance to authority, they have done some serious & difficult climbing not only in the Gunks & other rock climbing areas but in the mountains as well. That being said the Vulgarian Legend would not have persisted for 50 years if all they did was difficult climbs. They would have faded into obscurity as have had legions of previous climbing generations before them. It is the Vulgarian spirit that lives on & captivates generation after generation of new climbers & makes them tell Vulgarian stories, true or not, over buckets of booze in a bar or quietly around a campfire at night after a hard days climbing.

On the other hand if they were complete failures at serious climbing they would have been forgotten, at least in the that special world of the rock climber & mountaineer so here are some examples of their non laughable ventures although I’m sure that they found something to laugh at even in the most dire of circumstances.

  1. 1.The Cathedral Spires - Alaska (Al DeMaria and Pete Geiser)

  2. 2.Mount Chephren - Canadian Rockies (Art Gran)