One Pill Makes You Larger...


Grace Slick and The Jefferson Airplane Captured the essence of the drug culture in the 1960’s in their song “White Rabbit” . The favorite of the Vulgarians besides the mellow marijuana was LSD which altered all of your senses. Things looked different, felt different, time changed it’s tempo, colors became more vivid, pictures became alive & the electric wind might blow right though your body.

Grace says it all in





! once lived in an apt. on Riverside Drive in Manhattan with my first wife, Dolores, & we became friendly with another couple in the building. They seemed like a nice but fairly straight couple & then they moved to a loft in what I believe is now called SOHO. They invited us downtown for dinner & we found that they had morphed into the local drug culture. The guy took out a box of drugs that had GRASS, HASH, LSD in 5 different colors & COCAINE. We smoked some HASH to get mellow & then I asked him the price of the LSD. He told me that the sunshine LSD (orange color) was 65 cents a tab. Click, click, my brain started whirring. I figured that I could use about 40 tabs myself & I could easily sell another 60 tabs to my friends. So, acting like a big time dealer I said that I would take a 100 tabs. He replied, "Oh, for that quantity it's $1.00 a tab." At first I was confused then I realized that 100 tabs was a small quantity to him. Well we concluded the deal & then snorted some COCAINE to seal it. I must say that I was already so stoned on HASH that I didn't even notice any effects from the COCAINE. I think that they do the opposite thing. HASH gets you mellow & COCANE gets you wired so that probably explains why I didn't feel the COCAINE.

Anyway, a while after the big LSD buy we had a party at Thom Scheuer's house in the Gunks. Both Dorothy Hirschland & I were handing out LSD like M&M's so as a result almost everyone was tripping except for the little kids. They set themselves up on a knoll out side the house & proceeded to perform for us, which to their great delight everyone found hilarious. Of course, everything seemed hilarious. In the middle of this Midsummer Nights Dream who should drive in but my brother with his wife & kids. As he maneuvered through the bevy of parked cars I cringed because it looked to my LSD addled brain like he was trying to drive through a slot that was much too narrow for his van. To my amazement as he entered the slot it magically got wider & wider until he was able to comfortably fit through - whew! After being there a while he asked me why everyone kept going in & out of the house since the door was constantly slamming. Well I knew exactly why. To us trippers when you looked through the windows into the house it looked absolutely amazing so you went inside. Once inside the house if you looked out through the windows it looked absolutely amazing outside so you went outside. I can't remember what I told him since he had no idea that everyone was tripping on LSD & I wasn't about to tell him that.

One of many LSD trip stories.