America’s Most Wanted

Vulgarians have often been the bane of the Rangers in National Parks with mountains or large cliffs such as Grand Teton National Park & Yosemite National Park. The Shawangunks aren’t in a National Park but the Vulgarians started their escapades with authority by using the State or Local police as a substitute. These regular police, of course, were better trained, had the standard badges & equipment, were better armed & less inclined to take any shit from a bunch of young kids (ie. Stop or I’ll shoot!) so it was perfect training for confrontations with the National Park Rangers who after all were only SummerCops, who once the park season was over went back to their regular jobs as teachers or other types who get a whole summer’s vacation. This type of summer job naturally attracted those types with an inner urge for power & wow, you get to carry a gun too!

Below are a couple of great National Park Stories that Joe Kelsey located for me. There will be more coming as I gather the material or write them myself & I will attempt to keep them in chronological order.


  1. 1.Tower climbing in the Gunks

  2. 2.Claude Suhl, The Duke of Earl and 1962

  3. 3.Misspent Youth