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This Website has been constructed and is maintained by FFBear with help from his fellow Vulgarians. The object is to write or gather first hand articles about the Vulgarians & their history all in one place. However, as Ken Kesey (a Vulgarian fellow traveler) once said “But it’s the truth even if it didn’t happen.” So some articles written by non-Vulgarians but which contain a kernel of truth & are particularly amusing will be published. Sometimes, a story which is closer to the actual events as we remember them will be published as a counterweight. But in the main, all of the events described on this site are as close to the truth as our recollections will permit. In case you have been wondering what kind of group the Vulgarians are, should you ever meet one or fancy to be one,

  Claude Suhl on Vulgarians

gives a definitive picture of what the Vulgarians are all about.

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We appreciate your comments good or bad about this site & how it might be improved. Also, if you have any stories that you think might be suitable for publishing on this site , please send them to us.