Ask Super Sool !
  1. 1.Why don’t we have FAQ’s?

FAQ you! Vulgarians much prefer ASS to FAQ’s. Besides, FAQ’s especially true FAQ’s, can be real  

boring while ASS and all it’s accompanying parts are always interesting!

  1. 2.Who are the Vulgarians? 

Vulgarians are people mostly without too much money who like to be left alone to do their own thing.

However,when tread upon by those running the system they will fight to uphold

Truth, Justice & the American Way & don’t take any crap from the people running the system.

3. Who is not a Vulgarian? 

Non-Vulgarians fall into two classes.

  1. a.They are those people who purportedly support Truth, Justice & the American Way but actually force their will upon others.

  2. b. People who are non-thinking dupes of the type a. non-Vulgarian.

4. Is there anything in the history of Vulgarians that they need to feel sheepish about?

Nah  - not really  .... , although it is all or mostly braggadocio about any of us actually feeling sheep, probably most of us just talked that way , although ...... you never really know for sure ....

you know, long dark lonely nights in the Wind Rivers,   the muted baah-ing of an approaching herd of sheep,  the ancient almost preternatural stirring in the loins ........

I could speak just for myself .....but why bother??? Oh ...and at this time , I am definitely NOT considering seriously running for President.

5. How many Vulgarians can dance on the head of a pin?

None. Vulgarians aren’t Angels

6. How many times have Vulgarians been arrested by the National Park Rangers?

It’s hard to tell. I don’t have enough fingers, but one finger is enough for any Park Ranger.

7. Which Vulgarian holds the record for most arrests by National Park Rangers?

Claude Suhl: Three that I know of, but Vulgarians were never good record keepers.